15 March 2013

A week in review

~  delighted in plenty of creativity with my 2 youngest kids.  Scrapbooking was my favourite this week.

~  made up matresses on the floor for sleepovers. All the kids have their own rooms but often on weekends Sarah and Tim like to sleep over together. So cute.

~ loved watching Sarah cooking pikelets for us all to enjoy. They were delicious.

~ lovely day relaxing when nanny came to visit. Lunch, chats and puzzles made it a great time by all.

~  enjoyed our trip to one of our favourite parks. Queens Park not only has a fantastic play ground but an small animal sanctuary as well. This is a must do every time we go, especially for our animal loving 8 yr old.

~  witnessed an amazing and exciting cricket grand final win. After a draw the teams played a super over, which lead to another draw. So another super over was played and finally our team won. Great atmosphere.
And of course we had to celebrate by having a yummy dinner with 2 other families at the tavern. I think the boys might have enjoyed discussing their vistory around the table even more than the yummy food we had.

~  spoilt with a yummy, colourful  meal made by my husband. Love his stir frys.

~  receiving a flower left for me on the dash board of the car by my 14 yr old. Love his thoughfulness.

~  met reality TV stars from a renovating show here in Australia. We went to our local hardware store and enjoyed some social time.

~  watching my son practice his cricket in the back yard. He had the idea to hang a cricket ball from a tree and asked Dad to help hang it. He gets ready for school super fast then outside he goes to work on his batting. Such discipline and dedication.

~  had surgery. Removal of 4 wisdom teeth whilst fast asleep. Haven't had surgery since I was 12 so I was a tiny bit nervous. I think being a nurse and knowing too much doesn't help with nerves. But it went well and now I am relishing this time of rest and recuperation. Time to read, sleep and watch art videos. Ahh bliss.



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