6 May 2013


Can I just start by saying I can't do it all.
I know, shocking isn't it?
I am a woman after all.
Aren't we supposed to be able to do it all?

Well I don't know about anyone else but
I can't do it all.
I really can't.

Silly thing is
that even though I know this to be absolutely true
 I continue to try doing it all.

So silly.
So ridiculous.

Right now
I am in the mist of attaining a long held dream
of becoming a Registered Nurse.
I have been studying parttime  for several years
and very soon I will have finished my studies.
I will be absolutely thrilled to realise this dream.

However for the past 2 years an new dream has been emerging.
 A beautiful and cherished dream.
Unfortunately this has been a little distracting.
I endeavoured to try to fit them both in but guess what?
They don't both fit.

Who was I kidding??
Wife, mother of 4, uni student and
new emerging dream.

Hmm, not very realistic.
Not doable for me right now.
 And that is OK.

 I made the decision earlier this year to put the new dream on hold. 
Just for a little bit.
Not for long.
Not for forever.

This new dream is too special to put aside for long.
It is definitely a part of my future. 

So here I am
 on the cusp of one dream coming to fruition
 and another waiting in the wings ready to emerge.
Exciting really.
I feel blessed to have both.

So while I complete one dream I may not be here quite so much.

I want to spend my spare moments
with myself (and my family of course).

I want to create for no reason other than to create.

I want to write for me and no one else's eyes.

I want to continue to capture life and create art
with my photos and stories
 for our families eyes.

I may pop in from time to time but just not regularly.
After my time away
I want to return
 ready to share my new dream
 and ready to take you along with me for the ride.

                                                                                   Much love to you,

                                                                                                                   Joanne xx

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