20 May 2013

Today I am............

~ enjoying  the warm sun. Winter is on its way here. We've had some chilly nights and my house takes a bit of warming up in the mornings. However the sun is out and so I have found myself a warm, sunny spot that is out of the breeze.

~ reminiscening about our weekend. Our local country show has been on and we have been spending a fair bit of time there the past few days. We invited some city friends to join us which was nice for us all.

~ looking forward to June. Exams will be done, numerous birthdays to be celebrated, special local events to attend,  exploration of the scrapbook/papercraft expo with my daughter,  school holidays begin, a trip away and a new longed-for special gift will arrive. And of course winter officially begins. I LOVE June.

~ hearing a delightful song from the magpies. Brings memories of childhood and I like that very much.

~ grateful for my health, my husband's health and our children's health. So grateful.

happy that I have had a bit of creative time this past week. Making some simple cards has been therapeutic and soothing to my soul.

~ drinking a hot cup of tea. After not being able to drink hot liquids for a few months it is wonderful to enjoy a very hot cuppa without pain or discomfort. So good.

~ baking apple and cinnamon muffins to fill the tummy's of hungry children this afternoon.

writing a list of clothes my teenage sons are needing. Both are growing before our eyes. As the cooler weather has arrived the winter clothing comes out and alas we discover how much they have grown since our trip to Tasmania just 4 short months ago. A shopping trip is on the agenda this weekend.

~ dreaming about our next big trip. Despite being 2 1/2 years away I can't help but be excited about it. I want to start planning now. I must admit I do like to take the occasional break from study to do some research about the places we want to visit.

finding joy in the simple things. The flowers in my garden, the sounds of the birds enjoying this delightful Autumn morning, the beauty of the clouds in the sky, the anticipation of the six of us all being together again at the end of today.

Wishing you a beautiful day wherever you are.......

Joanne  xx

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