16 July 2013

My Winter Garden

Where I live, winter is quite mild. Cool nights and warmer days. As much as I would prefer a much colder climate with real obvious seasonal changes, such as snow, I am grateful that I live where I do and that my garden has bursts of colour all year round. Here is a peak at what my winter garden is looking like right now.

I hope you are enjoying whatever season you are currently in and finding bursts of colour in your surroundings.

Joanne  xx


  1. Ciao Jo ti ho trovato dalla tribù Possibilitarian e ti ringrazio per queste bellissime foto... anche io adoro osservare la magia dei fiori anche se non ho qualità in giardino e non li fotografo bene come te

  2. Thank you for your very lovely words Margherita. So glad we have met through The Tribe of Possibilitarians. xx Jo